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Attending the Expo

September 11th and 12th
11am - 5pm (both days)

Come and experience the creations of local artists and artisans!

You will find us at Wesley Clover Parks, located at 401 Corkstown Road (Moodie exit off of Highway 417). Free Parking and Admission!

As part of covid regulations, you will need to fill out a questionnaire (which is included in the ticket registration). It is therefore highly encouraged that you register for a spot in advance, to ensure you get entry during your desired time (as we are also required to manage capacity).

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Allen Ford

Andrea Elena

Andrew Newby

Anika Leung

Annalee Yerxa

Barbara Van Bergen

Bev Thibault

Bonnie McQuillan

Brian Hudson Hobbs

Brian Phillips

Brigitte Boulay

Bruce Clifford

Cate Brown

Cheryl Daniel

Chris VanAlstine

Christian Grivon

Christina Lovisa

Cindy Mulvihill

Cor Beattie

Dan Hughes

Danielle Beaulieu

Diane Fonatine

Diane Hubert

Diane Kaminski

Dulce Tapp

Erin Morgan

Francine Page

Gayle Wiebe Oudeh

Ginny Fobert

Helen Brady / Square Lemon

Hélène Kardos

Janis Hall

Jeanette Schevers

Jenna Boje

Jessica Koster

Joanne Coughlin

Josee Francoeur

Juliana LaChance

Justyna Dawidowicz

Justin Shulist

KJ Forman

Linda Foley

Linda Hamilton

Luigina Baratto

Mackenzie Allen

Marly McGuire Beaudoin

Mellisa Ross

Micheline Héroux

Melaine Resinart

Natalie Rivet

Nicole Laurin

Nisha Nayar

Pam Stewart

Patrick Imai

Rania Rezzougui

Robin Dostaler

Roy Whiddon

Ryan Hill

Sabrina Lanthier

Salena Richard

Sarah Ladhani

Shelly Amor

Shelby Johnstone

Sheryl Siddiqui

Sierra McCormick

Sultana Rajia

Susan June Robertson

Sylvain Després

Sylvie Fergusson

Victoria Dark

Victoria King

Sweetly Affordable

Created by artists, for artists, Wall Candy is a "sweetly affordable" art expo.

This includes free admission, and a culture of affordably priced art.

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