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Virtual Tour

$75 fee

In addition to attending in-person, visitors will be able to experience Wall Candy through a complete virtual tour of the entire expo!

Why is this so cool?

This is a unique opportunity, because unlike other virtual exhibits which rely on an index, this virtual tour will be immersive and experiential for visitors. They will get to virtually "walk through" the expo, and be able to enter into any of the participating booths! If you sign-up, your booth will be image captured and added to the tour. This means online visitors will be able to see your items on display, and they will be able to click a link to access a site/url of your choosing. This virtual tour will remain live for up 30 days following the expo.

Include my booth!

For only $75, Virtual Solution will image capture your entire display, add it to the virtual tour for Wall Candy, and connect one site/url of your choosing (ex. your website, or a social media page, etc.). This is an excellent way to reach even more people! If you'd like your booth included, please fill-in the form below.


No payment is required until we reach critical mass (the virtual tour will need a minimum amount of participation in order to happen). Once we have enough interest, we will be asking for payment of the fee via e-transfer. 

Sign-up List for the Virtual Tour

Thanks for submitting!

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