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NOIR Art Festival


Structure of NOIR 2023

Festival Dates and Structure

NOIR has grown from a two-day event in 2022, to a four-day festival in 2023! See below for details on the way the NOIR Art Festival will be structured this year.


November 2

6:00pm - 10:00pm

Gala Fundraiser for QCH

Opening Night of the Festival

VIP Admission, includes exciting gastronomic salon, a welcome drink, Day of the Dead themed gala and performance, and silent auction for Queensway Carleton Hospital with donated artwork and more!


November 3

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Artist Meet and Greet

Opening Night of Art Exhibition

General Admission, includes first pick of art at the exhibit, chance to mingle with the artists, access to Mexican food and drink, and altar lighting spotlight.


November 4

11:00am - 8:00pm

Extended Exhibition Day

General Admission, a portion is donated to QCH. Arts and Culture themed programming.

Free Admission after 3pm!


November 5

10:00am - 4:00pm

Final Exhibition Day

General Admission, a portion is donated to QCH. Arts and Culture themed programming.

Free Admission after 3pm!

EXHIBITION | November 3-5

Please note that the Exhibition portion of the festival runs from Friday November 3rd - Sunday November 5th.


Exhibitors are welcome to attend the Gala on November 2nd, but only those who have donated to the Silent Auction will receive free tickets.

Set-up for Exhibitors will be on Friday November 3rd, please see the Set-up Details section below for more information.

Theme for NOIR 2023


Day of Dead Theme

Last year, we introduced NOIR with an inspiring Masquerade theme. This year, NOIR 2023 will be an exciting Day of the Dead theme, with support from the Mexican Embassy.


This theme will include programming honouring the culture and celebration surrounding the Day of the Dead traditions, and broader Mexican culture.

Visitors will be encouraged to pay homage to this theme by either participating in dressing up, or attending one of the various programmed sessions devoted to the Day of the Dead, including the altar, pan de muertos, sugar skulls and more.

The images being used for NOIR this year represent the "Catrinas", a symbol for Day of the Dead traditions.

You can learn more about the inspiration for this theme through the Day of Dead Festival.

What's new about NOIR 2023?

Key Changes From Last Year

We keep growing and learning, these are some of the key differences from last year's event versus this year's NOIR event. 

Number of Days

NOIR is now a 4 day festival starting on November 2nd which will have a Fundraiser Gala for Queensway Carleton Hospital. The following 3 days will be dedicated to the art exhibition (November 3, 4, and 5). This will increase the amount of time and access the public will have to artists and the exhibition!

Opening Night

This year, the Opening Night gala event will be on November 2nd, and not include the exhibition. The gala will be dedicated to the fundraiser for QCH, complete with performers and restaurants. NOIR artists will be encouraged to donate for the auction, and those who donate will receive 2 gratis VIP tickets to the gala. 

Booth Sizes

The exhibition lay out has been re-imagined to help accommodate more options for artists, increase visibility, and create better traffic flow throughout the exhibition floor. Artists will be able to customize the size of their booth, and get discounted pricing when registering for more linear feet.

Power & Lighting

The re-imagined exhibition floor plan will also increase access to power for artists wanting to use lights for their display set up. Lighting is not required, and the house lights will be on full brightness for the entire exhibition. Artists may want access to power for a small fee.

Event to Festival

NOIR is now a 4 day Festival! It has grown from a two-day event in 2022, to now offering one day for the Queensway Carleton Hospital Fundraiser (a gala on November 2nd), as well as three days dedicated to the art exhibition (November 3, 4, 5). There will be some art related programming on the exhibition days as well, to bring extra value for our attendees.

Meet & Greet

Many artists expressed how much they enjoyed meeting other artists, and we want to make more of that possible with a Friday night Meet and Greet on November 3rd. Food and drink will be available, tickets will only be $15, and participating artists will get 10 gratis tickets to give to friends, family, collectors, and fans!

Free After 3

This year, a portion of all ticket sales will be donated to Queensway Carleton Hospital. We are only charging $10 for admission into the exhibit, and admission will be free to everyone after 3pm on Saturday and Sunday (November 4th and 5th respectively).

Festival Pass

In the spirit of keeping admission flexible and affordable this year, we are introducing a Festival Pass, which will allow visitors to access the exhibition portion of the festival on all three days. Attendees of the gala will also receive a festival pass automatically included with their ticket!

Set-up Details

Exhibitor Set-up Time 

Friday November 3rd

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Extended set-up time will be given to any artists who volunteer to help with grid preparations (i.e. mounting fabric to grids, mounting signage, etc.). This will be from approximately 12:00pm on Friday November 3rd, giving volunteers extra time to set-up and/or finish their set-up earlier prior to the Meet and Greet event which starts at 6:00pm.


Please note that all exhibitors must unload in the underground parking lot (which is directly beneath the venue building), and use the elevator or stairs to bring their items up from the underground garage. 

Artists who volunteer to assist with the set-up crew will be given limited access to unload at the ground-level. Should you wish to participate in the set-up crew, please contact Bev Thibault at .


Please note that the parking garage directly beneath the venue building is a PAID lot, and is not within the control of the organizers or the even the venue itself, which is owned by the City of Ottawa. The Parking Garage is the property of TD Place Lansdowne Live and we therefore ask exhibitors to prepare for any potential delays with parking associated with other events at Lansdowne Park. 

Please visit their website for more details on rates:

FREE Street Parking is often available in the adjacent neighbourhoods, but is subject to city of Ottawa bylaws, including the 3 Hour Maximum for all street parking in Ottawa.


Please carefully review the Exhibitor Guide for the Exhibitor Guidelines, including information on how to set-up and what to bring with you. You can also look at our FAQ section below, or reach out with any Set-up Questions to Cor Beattie at .

Set-up Details
Floor Plan - NOIR Festival 2023 - Exhibitors BW Blueprint.png
Exhibitor List - NOIR Festival 2023.png

Exhibition Map

Exhibition Map


1. What are the Exhibition Dates?

The Exhibition portion of the NOIR Art Festival takes place from Friday November 3rd to Sunday November 5th.

2. When is Set-up?

Set-up for artists/exhibitors is scheduled for Friday November 3rd from 2pm-5pm.

Should you wish to volunteer with the set-up crew to put-up the black fabric (i.e. draping)  on the grids, you will be eligible for an earlier set-up time. Please contact Bev Thibault at to make arrangements.

3. Where is the Exhibition/Venue located?

NOIR takes place at the Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park, which is located at:

1525 Princess Patricia Way

Ottawa Ontario

4. What size is my booth?

All exhibitors who signed up for one "segment" (i.e. one grid wall), will have 10' ft wide X 8' ft tall of display space (this is minimum size). If you signed up for a L-shaped segment, then you will have a 15' linear feet wide X 8' ft tall display space. Please note that no one has a "booth" as per se, but rather, they have either one or two segments, in the location they selected. It is best for you to refer to your Square invoice, and/or confirmation of acceptance email, wherein your spot selection is indicated.

5. Where do I unload my vehicle?

We ask that all exhibitors arrive at 2pm on Friday November 3rd to set-up, and use the parking garage directly beneath the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park to unload. Please note that there is only one elevator, and we ask the exhibitors exercise fairness and patience. Alternatively there is also a stairwell directly next to the elevators which can be used too. Should you be interested in an earlier set-up time and are willing to come early as a volunteer to help with the set-up on Friday morning, please reach out to Bev Thibault at .

6. Is there any free parking?

Yes! There is limited street parking in the surrounding neighbourhoods around Lansdowne Park. Please note however that you must abide by all bylaw signage, and even when not indicated, all street parking in the City of Ottawa is technically a 3 hour maximum. 

7. What is included for my registration fee?

Your registration fee includes the cost to Exhibit (i.e. the grids/fencing provided, the black draping provided, the venue itself, a chair if requested in advance, and marketing for the event). Anything else is the responsibility of the exhibitor, including (but not limited to): meals, parking, accommodations, transportation costs, hanging hardware, payment processing hardware, wrapping or bagging materials, and so on. Please come prepared with your own tables, ladders, water bottles, and whatever else you might need to set-up and stay comfortable throughout the exhibit. As a reminder, there will be a designated "Exhibitors Only" area, where there will be some light refreshments, and some (limited) space for you to leave certain items as needed.

8. Do Exhibitors get to attend the Gala for free?

Any Exhibitor who donates an original piece of art from their own collection (valued at $250 +) to the Silent Auction for Queensway Carleton Hospital, will receive two (2) gratis VIP Tickets to the NOIR Gala on the opening night of the Festival. If you would like to donate to the auction, please use this submission form no later than September 15th 2023: 

9. How to I Donate to the Silent Auction?

We  are looking for original pieces to be part of the Silent Auction fundraiser in support of Queensway Carleton Hospital. If you would like to donate one of your original pieces, please use this form by September 15th 2023:

Any Exhibitor that donates will also receive two (2) gratis VIP Tickets to the Gala on November 2nd.

10. What is the Dress Code for Exhibitors?

Professional casual or smart casual. Please note that while Exhibitors are more than welcome to participate in the Day of the Dead Theme, this is in no way required. Should you wish to participate, consider going with our key colours: Orange, Black, Red. Or consider using any of these key symbols: marigolds, monarchs, hummingbirds. Should you wish to get guidance on how to incorporate Catrina based attire in a culturally respectful way, please reach out to us.

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