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Silent Auction


In Support of Queensway Carleton Hospital


Building Space Between the Walls

We have partnered with Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation to help fundraise for health care in our community. Wall Candy Noir is proud to be supporting the "Building Space Between the Walls" campaign, which will help build a comfortable, modern, fully-equipped space for 15 bed bays at QCH. Learn more about the Silent Auction below!

With west Ottawa’s only Emergency Department in one of the fastest growing hospital catchment areas in the country, QCH has an immediate need to create more space between its walls. Most days, QCH operates at or beyond capacity. With hundreds of patients being treated every day in our Emergency Department, those that require admission may wait for hours on a hallway gurney until an inpatient bed is available.

You can change that.

Silent Auction

Silent Auction at NOIR

The Wall Candy NOIR Vernissage on Friday, October 21st, will have a Silent Auction for QCH with art donated by several of the exhibiting artists. All of the money raised through the auction is going directly to the Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation.

Art Pieces in-situ

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