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Sweetly Affordable Art Fair

Sat. May 20, 10am - 6pm
Sun. May 21, 10am - 4pm
Wesley Clover Parks
401 Corkstown Road



100+ Booths!

The Sweetly Affordable Art Fair (SAAF) is an exhibition offering a wide selection of affordable art and artisanal items for visitors to choose from. With most pieces under $1K and many pieces under $50. Come visit over 100 exciting booths, filled with a wide range of unique artistry!

Jacquline Flemmings - img 610.jpeg

Photo credit Anna Odeh Photography and Queen Bee Millinery

This year, SAAF will be held at Wesley Clover Park - an exciting outdoor space - and is co-occuring with the Ottawa Dressage Festival. Located directly off Highway 417 at the Moodie exit, this venue is easy to get to, with ample parking. See a Map of where SAAF will be (Wesley Clover Parks).

Food Vendors

Visitors can also expect to find various food vendors, including Stella Luna Gelato, serving up gelato, waffles, scones and more; Valley Sausage Co., serving up an assortment of gourmet sausages; Nicky T's, serving up poutine, hamburgers, and more; and Fun Days who will have both fresh cotton candy and pop-corn!

Concurrent Event

When you’ve finished checking out our exhibitors, wander over to the Ottawa Dressage Festival happening concurrently at Wesley Clover Parks. You will also be able to watch the “freestyles” where the horses “dance” to music. There is no entrance fee for the horse show.


Exhibitor List (SAAF)
Trio - 7B9A1070.jpeg


Exhibitor Name

14: A-2

19: B-9

15: B-6

15: B-10

13: A-4

19: A-2

18: B-8

20: A-6

19: A-10

14: A-5

14: B-1

18: B-7

18: B-1

13: A-5

19: B-1

15: B-4

20: B-2

15: A-9

14: A-10

14: A-7

19: A-1

19: B-7

14: B-10

14: A-8

15: B-8

19: B-10

15: A-10

20: B-10

19: A-9

20: B-8

15: A-3

14: B-7

18: A-2

Accroc! Hooked!

Akwood Wooden Crafts

An Nguyen

Andrea Elena

Auni Milne

Barbara van Bergen

Benjamin Dionne

Bev Thibault

Bonnie McQuillan

Brainy Bird Creations

Brigitte Boulay

Bryce Ritchie

Caprize Segall

Cecilia Chan

Cecilia Troy

Chantal Dupuis

Christian Grivon

Christie Baker

Christina Lovisa

Cindy Carstesen

Cindy Beauchamp

Cindy Mulvihill

Claire Jackson

Colette Beardall

Colleen Gray

Cor Beattie

Crystal Beshara

Dan Hughes

Dane Hamblin

Daniel Ross

David Neilson

Denyse Gridley

Dulce Tapp

Jacquline Flemmings - img 610.jpeg


Exhibitor Name

13: A-8

14: B-5

15: B-2

15: A-1

18: B-3

13: A-1

19: A-8

20: B-1

19: B-3

18: A-1

13: A-10

18: A-4

14: A-1

20: A-5

18: B-6

20: A-7

13: A-6

18: A-8

15: A-2

20: B-3

13: A-2

14: B-6

14: B-8

15: B-5

19: A-5

18: A-7

14: A-6

18: B-2

15: A-5

18: A-10

20: A-2

20: A-3

Elise Campeau

Elizabeth Metcalfe

Fire and Air Studios

Gaibhnithe Wood & Steel

Gayle Oudeh

Get Stuffed

Ginny Fobert

Heather Lovat-Fraser

Hookk Creative Crochet

Janis Hall

Jason Hickman

Jim Fisher

Joanne Bennett

Joanne Coughlin

Josée Laberge

Judith Anderson

Julie Denoncourt

Justin Shulist

Just a Bit Knotty

Just a Thought

Karol Gajewski

Kathy McGuire

Kenna McCall

Kina Forney


Larry Deacon

Laura Inksetter

Lilly Kruzsely

Lori Burke

Louise Palmer

Lucy Willemsen

Maciek Peter Kozlowski

Trio - 7B9A1070.jpeg


Exhibitor Name

19: B-8

20: B-6

13: A-7

14: B-3

19: B-6

18: B-5

15: A-6

18: B-4

20: A-10

19: A-3

14: B-4

19: B-4

14: A-9

18: A-6

19: A-6

18: A-9

15: B-1

19: A-4

18: A-5

19: A-7

20: B-4

14: A-3

18: B-10

14: B-2

20: B-9

13: A-3

13: A-9

19: B-2

20: A-1

18: B-9

14: B-9

14: A-4

15: A-7

Margaret Lipsey

Mary Lou Devine

Maryse Fillion

Melissa Duret

Michele Emond

Mireille Laroche

Mishel Schwartz

Nicolette Pilypaitis

Niki Economo

Noella Upitis



Pam Rideout-Smith

Patricia Fiorino

Roy Whiddon

Ryan Hill

Sara Chivot

Sarah Bradfield

Shameless Envy

Shelly Amor


Stephanie McLean

Sultana Rajia

Susan Jones

Sylvie Fergusson

Tamara Campbell

Tetyana Voronetska

Tina Ding

Tracey Lee Green

Vasy Bonhomme

Véronique Dubé

Westaty Art

Within the Grain